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Wrapping paper for stand-out presents.

I love patterns. Patterns on clothes and fabric and definitely patterns on paper! Now, I’m not talking the latest cartoon character or your child’s favourite tv show, I might have to be a bit of a snob and say that’s just not my thing. I’m talking a slightly more stylish pattern that lends itself to the monochrome trend, but appeals to adults and kids alike. Our wrapping paper offers just this and as well as some of the designs being gender neutral, the paper is all from sustainable and responsible sources – so what’s not to love?!

Birthdays are very exciting for kids and as parents we want to make them extra special. I always think that using a contrasting coloured ribbon adds the extra wow factor and makes any present look extra enticing. I love using a turquoise or bright pink with my paper to make a bit
more of a statement. Also, you could use washi tape instead of sellotape for that fresh modern look. Coloured tapes that clash or have a bit of a pattern can
give your gift a unique feel and we all know that kids love colour!

Often, the presents we buy for children come in awkward shapes and sizes and this can lead to some difficult wrapping situations. But, fear not, help is at hand in the form of a box or some sort of container that is an easier shape to wrap. Try putting that football into a box and you’ll find that as well as producing a beautifully wrapped gift, you won’t give away the surprise of what it might be! Also, if you are wrapping for toddlers try and use a tiny bit of tape and leave a gaping corner that they can hold onto and pull for
easy opening.

I know wrapping paper just gets torn off in a frenzy of excitement, however, I like giving a present that stands out in a pile and is just that bit different. You might think spending money on beautiful wrapping paper for children is a waste of money, but the look of excitement on their faces when they see their presents is definitely worth it. Also, you never know, you might be able to rescue it from complete demolition and pinch it to use on your grown-up friends! We love rainbows and pandas too, right?

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