How to Choose the Perfect Venue for Your Party

Ok, so you know the date you want your child’s party to be on, you know roughly how many people are coming and you’ve got a fair idea on how much you can afford to spend. So the big question is, where is this birthday party going to be held?

Here’s a couple of questions to help you decide on the best party venue for your child’s birthday party.

How many people are coming? Maybe inviting the whole class seemed a good idea at the time but now it comes to the crunch you might be regretting saying that small little YES word. “But Mum, I’m friends with everyone in my class!”. You need to be realistic about a couple of things 1) The size of your house, yeah its not small, but will it comfortably hold 30 small people all running around like crazies?  The village hall might be a good option right about now, why don’t you see if they have the date you need available 🙂

If your child is just inviting a small number of friends you could do something like indoor skydiving where the cost per child is higher but more affordable with just a couple of friends.

Who is coming? If you have a mix of adults and children you might want to look for a venue where you can keep everyone entertained for a couple of hours. Adults will appreciate somewhere they can sit and have a drink (I’m thinking tea!) and some nibbles.

What do you want from the venue? Some places will offer catering, party boxes, decorations etc so make sure you ask what they offer for the price. If they don’t offer the whole package and you’ll need to arrange everything yourself, don’t panic, I’m sure that here at Kids Birthday Bonanza we can help you pull everything together that you need.

What facilities do you need? If you have very young guests you might want baby changing facilities, do you need disabled access for older guests etc. Is there parking available for everyone, is there a kitchen for you to store your food?

So many things to think about, but our top tip is to make sure you visit the party venue before booking and don’t just rely on seeing some photos online, people are paid to make things look awesome!

Wherever you end up having your child’s party I’m sure everyone will have an amazing time. Don’t sweat the small stuff, there will be plenty of people around to help on the day!

If you want to get in touch and ask any questions we’d love to hear from you. You can use our contact us page or drop us an email at info@kidsbirthdaybonanza.co.uk. We are here to help.

PS. Please do share where you have held your child’s birthday in previous years! We all need some inspiration from time to time.

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