Top 5 Tips for Stress Free Kids Party Planning

Children love parties! There’s no denying it. Loads of fun, lots of sweets, music, soft play, games and yep, presents too. What isn’t to love? As a parent it can be quite daunting to think about Kids Party Planning as the date draws ever closer. You want them to have a great time but just don’t know where to start with it all.

Here’s the top 5 things we recommend thinking about initially to have a stress free kids party.

1. Budget – Yep, the boring bit. But ultimately the very important bit. You need to know how much you can afford to spend and then try to stick to the budget. Whatever your budget, try not to lose focus of the fact you just want everyone to have fun.

2. Party Details – The date and the time are really important to decide on quite early in the planning. The date might impact where you can hold the party and the time may mean the difference between providing a full on lunch or just afternoon nibbles and cakes. The best time to hold a party will depend on how old the child is. For babies and toddlers you need to consider naptime. 60-90 minutes parties are long enough and usually best in the late morning. As the children get older they can handle longer parties. 2pm-4pm is a popular time and gives plenty of time for games and snacks.

3. Venue – Where you host the party is probably going to depend on how big your budget is. There are so many options these days it can be quite overwhelming. Are you going to host the party at home, book a village hall, go bowling, have a party at the zoo? So many venues now offer children’s parties, the options are endless. You need to find somewhere that will cater for the number of guests you want to invite, something that is appropriate for the age group and somewhere that ticks all criteria, i.e. do you need them to supply food, do they availability on the date you’d like?

We’ve got some really fond memories of having birthday parties at home. Somewhere you feel safe and comfortable where you can just let loose and have fun. If your child is old enough, be sure to ask them what kind of party they would like.

4. Guest List – Do you invite the whole class or not? A debate that rages on in the forums of popular parenting sites. If your child has just started school it can be a good way to get to know people. If your child is a little bit older they might have a small group of friends that they would like to invite. We wouldn’t recommend inviting the whole class except for just a couple, we would suggest either go small, or go all in. If your little one isn’t at school yet you might find that their early birthdays are mainly for the family. Big parties can be overwhelming for small children so be sure to keep it short and sweet.

5. Party Theme – It’s a good idea to decide on this early on so you can think about party invitations, decorations, food etc later on. Party themes can be super fun with anything from Unicorns to Construction parties to Mermaids to Dinosaurs. Pinterest is a great source of ideas if you are crafty and want to make some of your own decorations and there is a heap of great themed party food ideas that are worth checking out.

Good luck with your next birthday party!



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